The Apple Dumpling Cafe is closed for owner and employee vacations until early July. Stay cool!

Stop By For Breakfast

Come on over and have a seat for one of our delicious breakfasts! From something light to a big breakfast with bacon, sausage, ham, pancakes and eggs or create your own. If you're in a hurry, call ahead for a to-go order for our delicious breakfast croissant!

Join Us For Lunch

Choose from our big burgers, specialty sandwiches and salads for lunch.

Yummy Desserts

What meal is complete without dessert? We have our signature Apple Dumpling, ice cream cones, sundaes, splits, cake and dessert cookies. YUM!
We are a family owned diner specializing in American comfort food, unique specialty sandwiches, ice cream, desserts and of course, the scrumptious Apple Dumpling!

Inside, you'll find a friendly old fashioned Mom & Pop diner experience with a friendly wait staff and an owner or two on site. Be sure to help yourself to the free wi-fi and check out the many flavors of fudge and ice cream to choose from.

Drop in for a full breakfast any time or grab a huge breakfast croissant, cinnamon roll or muffin to go. Call ahead to pick up something on the way to work that will make your co-workers jealous.
Our lunch features plenty of burger choices, including the famous Apple Burger. There are many unique specialty and San Francisco-style Parmesan Sourdough sandwiches to choose from.

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Bring a friend and spend some time with us. Remember, the opposite of stressed is desserts!
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